Reflections in Time 1998- A Historic Costume Calendar

Reflections in Time


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January, 1998

Courtesy of : National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

American, Sack back gown and matching petticoat,1764. Worn by Catherine Livingstone for her New York wedding to Stephen Van Rensslaer on January 23,1764. Gift of Robert Livingstone Strong in memory of Mrs. Theodore Strong (Cornelia Livingstone Van Rensselaer).

Below-left: Details of the fabric and fly fringe.

Right: Women's stays, white polished linen, fully boned in front, half boned on the sides and back 1780-1790. "Wm. Cumpaty Maker Lancaster" is written on paper attached inside the back. Gift of Miss Mary Kenway in memory of Sarah Russell.

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