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NEW: Clothing and Textiles Collections in the United States: A CSA Field Guide
edited by Sally Queen and Vicki L. Berger

We cannot wait to share contact information from 2,604 museums, historic sites, and universities with clothing, textiles, costumes, uniforms, accessories, quilts, and flags as part of their permanent holdings. These are collections that have been featured in the past nine years in the Historic Fashions Calendar Series and MANY more. In addition to contact information, the field guide includes 800 detailed collection information and 200+ images.

Pack your bags and get ready to travel! Project information is available at

$39.95 + s/h. Order Now!

Cover: Clothing and Textiles Collections in the United States: A CSA Guide
Calendar 2007 - Costume in Performance NEW: Calendar 2007 - Costume in Performance Now Available!

Sally Queen, Editor
Historic Fashions Calendar Series
$14.95 + s/h

To order, call 888-266-7298, or order it now.

NEW: Historic Fashions Calendar Special

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