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Sally Queen & Associates plans and coordinates programs on past fashions. A wide range of services are available depending on the customer's needs. Scholarly and informational talks, symposia, and workshops are our specialty. While Sally loves 18th century women's wear, she has the connections to develop the perfect program for the desired audience. The company's database includes over 2,000 people who are interested in attending programs on historic fashions.

Q Graphics Production Company develops and produces products that support symposia and workshops. While their energies have focused on printed materials in the past three years, many of those same skills transfer to other medium.

Contact us for information on how we can help you with your program or product development need.

NEW: Programs for 2006

Thursday June 1, 2006 CSA National Symposium
Thursday-Friday, August 3-4, 2006 Costume College
Saturday August 5, 2006 CSA Region VI Southeast

Sally Queen & Associates
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