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No project succeeds with the efforts of one person or one production team. This is the closest I will get to the "Academy Award speech", so here's what I would like to say on that stage:

Thank you to my husband, Bruce who provides the financial and emotional support for the calendar project. Without that unquestioning support, the first steps would have never been taken and who's constant coaching allows us to continue. I also thank the Air Force who moved us around the world for 26 years and showed me the global community. What better way for "field study".

To our children who said, if anyone can make this succeed you can!

To my mother who quietly and firmly supported us in reaching for the stars. It was either that or her reminder, "do your best".

To Lou Ivey who for 26 years mentored me and shoved me when I needed it.

To Linda Baumgarten, curator of costume and textiles at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, who was always willing to share the vast 18th century collection and patiently answered questions. She made me know and love the value of primary sources.

To Vicki Berger, Colleen Callahan, and Claudia Kidwell, curators of costumes who graciously shared and continue to share information, objects, and friendship.

To the late Otto Thieme who taught me to "plant the seeds" and let them grow. He also showed me the most fantastic 18th century silk gown.

To Alicia Annas and Kaye Kittle Boyer from whom I learned governance and facilitation skills beyond any formal workshop.

To the Costume Society of America for their networking opportunities with the professionals and the enthusiasts in the field of fashion.

To the small costume collections and the private collectors, who showed me the treasures in your closets, and one day we need to share with others.

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